SHAARPEC is an effective solution to persistent challenges within healthcare systems. SHAARPEC has been developed by clinicians for clinicians.

SHAARPEC is a platform (not a one-time analysis) that makes use of existing data. The SHAARPEC platform enables analysis of the health system end-to-end. Analyses such as patient encounter cost, evaluation and prioritization among proposed initiatives, compliance with evidence-based guidelines and predictive modelling are all possible with the implementation of SHAARPEC.

The platform is preferably hosted on premises and is GDPR/HIPAA compliant.

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Founded in 2019, Hallandia V AB is passionate about creating sustainable change within healthcare systems by applying data-driven management. We partner with leading healthcare systems to bring them transformational change through value-based health analytics tools.

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In the last few years we have worked with Care Organizations who have asked the question: How can we create a sustainable care organization?

By implementing SHAARPEC they turn data into insights. One organisation cut the annual budget with 2% despite a population increase of 4,5%. Yet they maintained their top quality rating.

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